The monastic shift

Over the years, I’ve followed with interest, and occasionally dabbled in, the popular shift towards new monasticism. In this movement, I’ve found much to commend and imitate and some things that are best left alone. Some of the practices related to new monasticism have become increasingly mainstream, for example, Lectio Divina or the Examen. While … Continue reading The monastic shift

Clouds descending

I accidentally euthanaised my computer. It’s a long and possibly amusing story which, along with a horrendous story about running out of loo roll in a church office, makes me glad that I will never warrant a biography. To be clear I am not writing this as a precursor to fundraising. But what has struck … Continue reading Clouds descending


Discipleship is central to the New Testament’s understanding of belief in Jesus of Nazareth. NT belief was not passive; Jesus called people to follow him and learn from him. But what does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus today? How is following and learning from Jesus now manifested? Following Jesus still means learning … Continue reading Discipleship

The parish & management culture

Having ventured onto dangerous ground by commenting on the status of the parish within the CofE, I am pleased to be able to share a blog post from someone who actually knows what he is talking about. This blog from Ian Paul identifies the real culprit, behind current clashes over parish vs plant, as … Continue reading The parish & management culture

Love & the Parish

Full disclosure, I have spent some time on the fringes of the New Parish movement which was referenced in the aforementioned presentation by Alison Milbank. Also, I once wrote a fairly poor dissertation on the future of the parish. And for what it’s worth, I am currently a parish minister. Having got that out of … Continue reading Love & the Parish

Celtic Christianity

Having asked so many questions of the humble sermon, I admit to having recently been blessed by sitting under just that style of preaching. Perhaps fittingly, this took place in a church in the Western Isles. In many parts of the Outer Hebrides Christian faith is still visible, especially where statues, crosses and standing stones … Continue reading Celtic Christianity

Where have we reached with Preaching?

Again, I’ve had great feedback on the questions raised about preaching. Church pastors and ministers appear to be both aware of the potential for varied approaches to Bible teaching and reluctant to lose traditional preaching in church. Many church leaders recognise the value of an integrated programme of learning and biblical reflection that includes personal … Continue reading Where have we reached with Preaching?

Preaching as Event

My earlier posts considered church teaching as a means of learning how to read the Bible. I believe this is a valid form of preaching because the Gospel is the primary key (or hermeneutic) to understanding the Bible. You can’t teach the Bible well without preaching the Gospel. I’ve received some further great responses to … Continue reading Preaching as Event


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